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Prayer Requests

These are requests from or for our members and families. If you have a prayer request, contact the webmaster Being human, it doesn't hurt to remind me if you don't see a request appear right away after you have contacted me.

Praise is as important as asking for our needs. As you know how prayers are answered, please share them with us here so "our joy will be full".


Several of you met Rob Shane last Summer when he accompanied Grey Eagle from Florida to visit Man Many Trees. While there, he managed to get a number of people uspset with him including Man Many Trees, who asked him to leave. Last night, he was admitted to Lakeland Regional Hospital in critical condition after jumping off a bridge. This young man needs serious prayer. Clearly, Creator still has plans for him since he is still alive. Please ask Creator to help Rob believe the changes he needs to make in his life. A lot of people have tried to help him in the past, but he has always rejected their advice, believing he knew better.


Stewart Lawson (known to many of us as Hollywood), awoke to find his Beloved Woman had passed during the night. Please lift him in prayer


Hawk Dancing was accidently pushed into a hot grill at work. His hand was severely burned. He has been sent to a burn center in Toledo. Please lift him to Creator for healing.


Thank you for your prayers for Spirit Butterfly. She passed peacefully on June 5th, and is now with Creator. She loved dancing, and being in the wheelchair was very difficult for her. She felt she was a burden to the family, and that was hard for her. She's now dancing before the throne! We miss her, but can truly say she is happy now, so we are happy for her.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Please lift up Spirit Butterfly of the Florida Wolf Clan in your prayers. Her cold made her COPD flare up bad and she has been on oxygen in the Hospital for 3 days now.

Please pray for Stacy Loan, Nita Williams' daughter, who has had another heart attack.


Please pray for Debbie Packer. She is very ill and may need surgery.


Update: Wild Pretty Bird is doing better, but is still feeling pretty out-of-breath and weak.


Please lift Wild Pretty Bird up to Creator for healing. She has tested positive for Covid and she is anxious to get back to work.

Please lift up Spirit Butterfly in your prayers. She broke her lower leg in late September, and had to have surgery to fix it in early October. Because of her weight, she can't use crutches or a walker to get around. She was supposed to have an x-ray yesterday, but the doctor had a family emergency and had to leave the area. The earliest they could reschedule is November 30th. She is very discouraged, as this means more time being bed-bound. I have taken Family Medical Leave to take care of her, and we both want me to go back to work, but she needs someone here 24/7 until she can move around the house on her own.


Hawk Mother's husband Robert, Man Grey Eagle crossed over this weekend. Please lift the family up in prayers.


Please pray for Spirit Grey Bear's sister. She lost her husband yesterday, and she is taking it hard.

Many of us have been out of work, and some have been ill. Let's all lift each other up in prayer.


Fabian still needs our prayers. Please continue to lift him to Creator.


Please keep Man Many Trees' son in your prayers. He has been in a very bad accident, and has been hospitalized. May Creator guide the surgeons and other doctors and nurses who are working with him./p>


Grey Bear of the Florida Wolf Clan is waiting to hear about tests from his doctor, and Grey Eagle's mother is having intense back pains. Also, Spirit Butterfly is having severe pain in both knees. Please pray for us down here. Wado.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Let's lift in prayers Joy, Elizabeth Stanley, Robert Stanley, Lois Bailey, Alexis and anyone else fighting illness. The flu, colds, and yuckies is hitting all. Lots of love, hugs and healing prayers for each of you.

Woman Bobcat Spirit Cropper, ~Head of the Women's Council~


Hawk Mother needs our prayer. She, her husband, and his sister are all having serious medical problems. Please lift them all to Creator in your prayer. Wado.


White Lightning's father in law passed away tonight. Please keep her family in your prayers. Wado


Spirit Butterfly's lungs have taken a step backward, and she may need to go back into the hospital. She almost went tonight, but decided to wait till she hears from her doctor in the morning. She is having difficulty breathing, and her heartbeat is irregular. Please lift her up in your prayers.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~

Man Many Trees asked me today to say that he thanks everyone who has been praying for him. The doctors told him it was a miracle that he survived. He had to be shocked back to life in the helicopter, and was later in a coma for 19 hours. He is doing much better now, feeling clearer than he has in a long time, just still tired. Please be considerate in calls and visits so he can get some good rest in. Wado.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Posted by Robin---Dad is awake and talking...still weak. He has 3 blockages in his heart they are working with him so he will be strong enuf for surgery. He is in good hands.Today a family got some good news in the waiting room and they all stood in prayer just thanking Jesus and thanked him for guiding these Drs. Thank you all for your prayers...keep them coming


From Robin Prayers for dad (Man Many Trees) & Overhill Nation y'all know what to do...Fabian is having to take him to the Hospital tonight. Dad still not feeling good.He had test run today...should know more bout what's going on with his health soon. His meds aren't helping him at this Dr took him off some of his meds as it was to much and still not helping him. He seem to feel better after his new Dr visit but whatever it is comes and goes...

He had to be airlifted to UT Hospital. He will probably be getting stents and a pacemaker. Prayers for a healing and full recovery real soon.Thank you all for lifting him up once again n prayer. It's appreciated much


Talked To Chief this morning! His two year old great grandson, Cameron, was admitted to Children's Hospital this morning for surgery! This beloved child needs us to pray for his healing! He can't keep any food down! Bless all that will send up prayers for him and his family!

Reposted from Mildred Tiger Lilly


Man Many Trees is doing better, and thanks you all for your prayers. Please continue to lift him to Creator.

Please also lift up Spirit Butterfly in your prayers. She is having breathing problems, and very little endurance

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~

Please keep Man Many Trees in your prayers


Prayer warriors I need y'all to pray for my grandpa. He's having surgery tomorrow on his back. I know that god is the great healer and protecter and I just need y'all to pray for him and the docs working on him

Tall Tree ~ Head Warrior of the Over Hill Nation


Asking for the nation's prayers. I recently learned that . My life is facing a very risky surgery. If I don't get it. Then my life faces to be paralyzed for the rest of my life.

The automobile accident that I had back in 2010 left me with more injuries to my spine. There are 3 cyst that have formed in my spinal cord. Over the years. The nerves and the muscle are being affected by these injuries and the trama of the accident. I have started losing streath in my hands . And in my legs. I can go up steps but can't go back down them with out hanging onto the rails. I drop things cause I can't feel it. It's hard to grab ahold of things and be able to hold them . For very long time. I can not bend over for very long. I can not left no more than 20 lbs. And the trama Affected my eyes. And my knees. If I do try and do stuff. It makes me pay for it . And then I start to have spasums . That put me down for weeks.

This past week . I had a MRI done. And this is what was found. And it's called Syringomyelia , Syrinx cyst. And as they grow. It exspands my spinal conal. Causing nerve muscle spasum . I have been in and out of the er for the past 9 years. Not really knowing what was going on. All I new I was in so much pain that I past out. From the sever pain. It feels like muscle contraction.

Between T1,T2. Measures up to 3 mm. T3-T4 measures up 2 mm. T7-T8 measures up 1mm. All 3 are in my therastis area.

When I found out . I sat on the side of the bed. And prayed to the great spirit. That with his guidance he will help me to see the path I should take on this. And the wisdom to understand.

Wado Womanwhitebuffalo


Please lift up the family of William Laughing Bear Lawson in your prayers. Though he is with Creator now, they will need our support


UPDATE The awful Results coming in. Multiple Stone's still there, cyst in right kidney, liver enlarged. Kidney Speacialist on Wednesday. Hospital if getting sicker before. Please continue Praying.

Crow Hawk ~Advisor to Chief Man Many Trees~


Chief Man Many Trees needs prayer. Please lift him up to Creator in your prayers


Not doing well at the moment. Asking Prayers for Creator's touching hand. Liver and Kidneys and shutting down. More tests on Monday and possible results from the tests conducted on Wendsday, Thursday and Friday. Urine test and blood test off the charts. Fatigue, sickness, unable to eat, bed fast most of the time. Getting out for an hour or two drain's all energy. We know Creator's got this and this I think is a path he wants us to travel on. Trusting our Creator's trial he's put before us. Creator knows what the cause is, the cure, the reason. Enough for us to understand. He promises us that he will lead,guide, direct us in all situations, all we have to do is Trust and obey him and give him Credit, honor. He has shown us several times and examples of reaching into the far reaches of Hell to save his lost lamb's and children, I fully trust his reasoning for the trial's and tribulations he puts before us daily. Total Renal failure, chronic kidney disease, are possible causes. All we're asking for is Prayers

Crow Hawk ~Advisor to Chief Man Many Trees~


This is Tony Spiritfeather Adams Dad's Obit. Requesting prayer for the family as we move through this time of Celebrating his life but missing him here. Thanks

Spiritwind, ~Beloved Woman of the Over Hill Nation~


Please pray for Chris, a friend of Hawk Dancing, who's going through a lot of difficulty right now.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Please pray for Debbie Packer as she goes to surgery on Tuesday, December 11th


Please pray for my wife, Spirit Butterfly. Her heart has gotten worse over the last few months, and she can't walk any distance without getting out of breath. She has had 2 different pacemakers already. Also, besides getting out of breath, she has a lot of pain in her legs and feet which we thought was neuropathy, but now the doctor suspects poor circulation. She is having a test on Friday December 7th to find out about that.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Little Bull, Chief of the Red Paint Clan in Virginia and his wife are both having health issues neither one are doing well. She is having major back issues and her lupus is very active and is causing issues and he is having hernia issue plus a heart murmer that is causing some heart beat issues..please pray for them.


Crow Hawk is back in the ER. Went to cardio to followup from last week. Still hAving chest pains. Getting ready to go home. Doctor says it is probably muscular

Mother Hawk, Beloved Woman of the Deer Clan

Vern Packer, Jr ( Coyote ) went to be with the creator and all his ancestors on Saturday Oct. 13, 2018. He was Debbie Packers husband ( White Lighting ). Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Mother Hawk, Beloved Woman of the Deer Clan


Man Little Bull, Chief of the Red Paint Clan, and his wife are in great need of prayer right now. Please lift them to Creator immediately, as their need is time-sensitive. They need help quickly.

Man Little Bull, Clan Chief of the Red Paint Clan


Spirit Butterfly is having continued heart problems. She just had a disappointing test result. Please continue to lift her to Creator

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Chief Man Many Trees got his new glasses, and has been seeing great! Please pray that Creator helps keep him seeing well.