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Jennifer Cropper·Monday, July 29, 2019·

After a conversation with Chief Man Many Trees he has asked me to post his words today.

It has been brought to my attention that my name has been brought out in an online disagreement. I will not takes sides on disagreements with members of the Nation. I want to say this, if anyone has something that they want to say to me, call me or come to the Front Porch and we will discuss it. We the Overhill Nation are not above or below any nation. We are all related, we all get along, that is the way of the our people. We are not in competition with one another.

Please note members of the Overhill Nation, our Nation has grown to exceed my wildest estimation and expectations. Members of our Nation are mixed of many different types of people. There are those of financial standing, religious beliefs, sick and elderly people, healthy and young people, heavy people, slim people, people of many occupations.

There are members I look to for advice and there are some I wouldn't ask for their time of day. There are people who I don't like, and there are people that don't like me. There are people I don't trust. There are members I have had personal visits with. There are members that don't like my decisions. But I realize each and every member of our Nation is a person of their own.

HOWEVER, when it comes to our Nations business I will listen to each and every member that approaches me in any way that they feel comfortable. Any member who feels their advice to me would make the Nation stronger and more united, I am honored to listen to them. As members of the Overhill Nation they have my upmost respect each and every member. Anyone who wants to talk to me can call me anytime 7 days a week except after 9 p.m. I understand and hope all the members of the Nation understand that the Nation is different than it was 15 years ago. The reason being is that we can not gather as we did in the past. So now that we have grown in modern times we now communicate on facebook and thru the internet. This is now why we will gather once a year the second weekend of June.

I need to make it clear that we are STRONG and UNITED. This is the way of The Overhill Nation.

Words per Chief Man Many Trees.