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2019 September Gathering report

(Information provided by Gentle Waters)

Hey everyone , wanted to let everyone know what a great gathering we had this past weekend for Chiefs Birthday !!! The ones who didn’t get to make it were greatly missed but wanted to share some of the news and pictures. There were a few who got there names this weekend ...

Zoey McGee- Little Star
Claire McGee- Women Red Star
Jennifer Dunlap- Mountain Rain
Marisa Packer- Woman Moon Star
Brennen Dunlap- Little Bear
Shyanne Haynes- Summer Flame
Isabella Harris- Pretty Eyes

Chief would like everyone to post a picture of yourself with your given name so everyone can get acquainted with our brothers and sisters of our wonderful family!!! If you post on the Messenger's Facebook page, we can also put them here on the website.

Wado to everyone who participated and especially to those who helped out.

We hope to see everyone in June.

We will soon be trying to have a live meeting online on the first Saturday of every month to keep up with news and suggestions for future gatherings, this will keep us all updated on details of meetings and any news that would like to be shared !!

I hope everyone has a blessed day !!