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2017 Unofficial Gathering

We thought the meeting grounds had dried enough for our gathering. But the truck servicing the port-a-potty got stuck and had to have a heavy-equipment towtruck called in at a cost to Chief of $150, and Earth Mother's car also got stuck in the mud just beneath the surface of the ground. Knowing that dozens of cars coming in for the gathering would be a recipe for disaster, Man Many Trees decided to officially cancel the gathering two nights before the actual event. Problem was, some folks had already planned left for the gathering, or just decided to show up anyway. Chief had us set up on either side of his driveway on his side of the road. It was tight, but we managed to squeeze in.

Since it was not an official gathering, we did not have Women's council or warrior meetings, or any other official meetings. We did have a Church service, and we had ceremonies in the evening. Besides that, we got a lot of 'visitin' done, catching up on things since we last got together.

Some also took the opportunity to give Man Many Trees early birthday gifts (click the picture for video)

We also had crafts for sale,

We had drumming and singing,

Dancing (click on picture for video),

and Fluting (click on picture for video), to name a few things

A fun time was had by all!