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Google is starting a new policy of warning people that websites are not secure if they do not use the https format.

Our website has never collected information or used passwords, and has no need to be secured, but many people will be afraid to look at the website if they get a warning on their phone or tablet that the website is not secure. Many people will think they might get viruses if they go to an unsecure website. To keep people from being hesitant to check out our website, we have decided to pay to have the website secured. Our webhost will be charging $200 for the first year, and $300 each year after that.

I (Grey Eagle) have been paying for the website out of my own pocket since I started maintaining the website. But I can't afford the $200 - $300 a year. Man Many Trees has asked everyone to contribute so that we can have a secure website. I received $45 in cash at the gathering, leaving $155 still to be covered this year.

I will let everyone know when we reach $200, and any extra will be held toward next year. Please don't assume that someone else will take care of this.

As of Aug 12th, we still only have $45 raised.

My mailing address is:
Gary Thornton
3231 Sanders Rd
Davenport, Fl 33837

If you have a Paypal account, you can donate by logging in, clicking on Send or request money, then sending to me at