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Prayer Requests

These are requests from or for our members and families. If you have a prayer request, contact the webmaster Being human, it doesn't hurt to remind me if you don't see a request appear right away after you have contacted me.

Praise is as important as asking for our needs. As you know how prayers are answered, please share them with us here so "our joy will be full".


Hawk Dancing has torpedoed himself again. He still has a job so far, but because of his behavior he has lost his living arraingements again. He has also turned down spending Thanksgiving dinner with the family. He still needs a lot of prayer.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Christine Robinette's grandma passed away on Tuesday November 7th, 2017. please keep her family in your prayers.

Evening Sun, Deer Clan


Hawk Dancing has a job and is doing well now. He has already been promoted from part time to full time, and he enjoys the job.

Also, Spirit Grey Bear and Spirit Butterfly have each gotten new jobs as well. Thank you for your prayers!

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Sunday, our Overhill Nation suffered a great loss. Bill Grey Squirrel Grubb, one of our most Revered Elders, passed on to Creator. He leaves his wife, my friend, my sister, and former Beloved Woman of The Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendants, Norma Gentle Hands Grubb. I have known this family for many years and you would be hard served to find better people than this family. They are members of the E. TN Wind Clan, and we, their clan family, will have a very large hole left in our clan now that he is no longer with us. Please keep Gentle Hands, their son Billy Tree Spirit Grubb, and June Pretty Turtle Grubb in your prayers in the weeks ahead.

Wa Do,
GeYaTaHi OWoDoHe Tsi S Kwa
Wild Pretty Bird, Head of the Womens' Council for the Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendants, and member of the E. TN Wind Clan


Grey Squirrel, head elder of the Wind Clan of the Overhill, has passed. He passed yesterday 10/8/17. Please pray for his wife Gentle Hands, former Beloved Woman of the Overhill Nation and their 2 grown children. He was greatly respected and dearly loved by those who knew him. Chief said that he will be lighting a fire for Grey Squirell.

Wild Woman Spiritwind, Beloved Woman of the Nation


Hawk Dancing is out of jail today. Now he has the hard work ahead of applying all the teaching he had since he was a small child in how to live right. He has had good examples to follow for most of his life. Now he just needs to DO it. I believe he needs as much or more prayer now than he ever has. If he falls back into his past mistakes, he will just be right back in jail or worse.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Hawk Dancing violated his probation, had six months added to his sentence and got placed into work release. Then he failed to follow the work release rules, so he is back in jail. The sheriff's website has no release date, but he says it is October 12th. If you want to write him, his address is:

Jonathan Thornton 2017-029790
Polk County Jail
2390 Bob Phillips Road
Bartow, FL 33830-3137


Man Many Trees informed me that Man True Spirit (Jim Bagg), was injured in a bicycle accident. His neck was broken, and he has had some brain damage. He is in need of serious healing. Please lift him up to Creator. (If you don't remember, he is the man that has brought Atlatls to gatherings.)

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Hawk Dancing also needs a job.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Spirit Gray Bear of the Florida Wolf Clan has been out of work for months now. He really needs a job, and he is getting very anxious. Please ask Creator to provide him a job

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Crowhawk is in the hospital. He was having chest pain and numbness on his left side. Dr. say he may possible have had a mini stroke they are keeping him overnight. He is having a problem swallowing and may have to see a speech theropist in the morning.

Evening Sun, Deer Clan


I'm humbly asking all of my friends and family to please take a little time today and lift my father in law up to Creator in prayers. HE knows the situation at hand. This prayer request comes from all of Durham family and we thank you so much in advance. I love all of you.

Wild Pretty Bird ~Head of the Women's Council~


Spirit Butterfly has been steadily improving, and has started back to work on a limited basis. Thank you for your prayers. It's nice to hear her talking without breaking out into coughing fits. The new pacemaker seems to be a good fit for her heart.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Spirit Butterfly is back in the hospital. Almost a week before her scheduled pacemaker change, she had to go to the hospital with shortnes of breath, weakness, and coughing. Heer cardiologist is hoping to change the pacemaker a couple of days early. Please keep her in your prayers.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Spirit Wolf, Rachel Tew, daughter of Wild Red Star and Strong Bear of the Florida Wolf Clan was killed in a car crash early this morning. Please pray for her family. This has hit us hard.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


I'm asking all of my friends and family to PLEASE keep my family in prayers in the coming months, which includes my husband, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my niece-in-law, but most especially my mother-in-law. My father-in-law's disease has gotten to the point where he can no longer remain in his home without medical care. He's a good man who is being savaged by a cruel disease. Thank you in advance and I love each and every one of you.

Wild Pretty Bird ~Head of the Women's Council~


Spirit Butterfly's pacemaker isn't doing a good enough job. The doctor says they need to upgrade to a 3-lead unit. She doesn't have a date set for the surgery yet, but they want it to be as soon as they can fit her in. Meanwhile, she has been told to behave herself and not run herself ragged. She is hoping to go back to work half days for now. Please remember her in your prayers. Wado.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~

Spirit Butterfly, wife of Grey Eagle of the Florida Wolf Clan, is in the hospital with congestive heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, asthma, and an infection with possible pnuemonia. She had a pacemaker installed last month for atrial fibrillation and heart block. As you can see, she needs prayer. Please lift her up to Creator in your prayers.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Woman Spirit Horse has gone to be with Creator. Please remember her family and friends in prayer. Chief said there will be a memorial service at some future date but as of now no date is set.

Wild Woman Spiritwind, ~Beloved Woman of the Overhill Nation~


Claire Mgee ( Yellow Star) was to undergo a serious back surgery today (Jan 10) that requires two surgeons. Please pray that Creator guided their hands and that he send his healing touch to our sister.
Hawk Mother, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhills~


Please pray for my brother-in-law. He's in the hospital. Something going on with one of his lungs. He's going to be in the hospital for a few days. They are going to operate to remove the pus sac in his lung and keep him for observation. Thanks for continued prayers!
Wild Pretty Bird ~Head of the Women's Council~

Please pray for my family as we all are having some difficulties right now. My son, Jason, was admitted to the hospital and they are going to have to have an ortho dr look at him over his hip and I have bronchitis again with a touch of pneumonia and my daughter and her family are in need of prayers as well.
Frani Belcher

Say a prayer was playing with lady and michaels dog thought she was hurting me and went to grab at her got me 24 holes in left hand went to hospital doing ok but really hurts
Debbie Packer

I have a couple prayer requests. My friend from High school Freddie Stanley is the hospital in Pikeville, Kentucky. His daughter says that he is not doing very well and requests prayers. Talked with Debbie last night and the dog bite injury is pretty rough, please continue to pray for her. Please pray for our Chief Man Many Trees, he always needs us to hold him up in prayer. Please continue to pray for Crow Hawk as he is still not feeling the best. White Cloud is recovering from knee surgery and he and Mildred need your prayers. My step daughter Tabitha has still got some issues going on with her health, her children, and her family, please send some prayers for her.

I spoke with the Chief briefly last night. He wanted me to tell everyone that all is well in the nation and you should be receiving newsletters soon. He said Joy was feeling much better and off working right now.
Hawk Mother, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhills~


Grey Eagle's neice is in the hospital with pancreatitis. Please pray that the doctors find the cause and she recover soon. Also, Hawk Dancing has gone and gotten himself arrested again. This time, as an adult, he is doing actual jail time. He needs to wake up and start straightening his life out. Please pray that he does, and that Creator give him the strength he needs to walk that path.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Crow Hawk, the chief of the Deer Clan, is having back surgery on Monday Oct 24th. Please lift him to Creator in prayer that the doctors will have guidance and that he will heal quickly.


Earth Mother, Chief Man Many Trees' wife, has broken her hand and it is causing her difficulties working. Please keep her in your prayers.

Spirit Butterfly is doing better, but she still needs healing before she can return to work. Please lift her to Creator as well.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Mother Spirit Horse has just entered hospice care. Everyone please lift her and her family to Creator in prayer.

Also please lift Hawk Mother to Creator in prayer as well.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


My father went to be with Creator last week. Please keep my mother in prayer. She has assurance she will see him again, but after 63 years of marriage, she will miss him greatly.

Spirit Butterfly, my wife, was admitted to the hospital the next day with irregular heartbeat and breathing issues. She is home now with supplemental oxygen, and doctor's orders to REST. Please lift her in prayer. She can't work, and has no vacation or sick time, so she is worried about us paying the bills. Please ask Creator to help her to NOT stress over that. She needs to be resting and healing.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


My father has been transferred to hospice care tonight. He is starting to talk to relatives who have passed on. Please pray for my mother in this time.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Before starting chemo on my father, they ran a PET scan to see if the tumor had grown or shifted. THEY COULD NOT FIND THE TUMOR! They have started him on chemo anyway, and he is doing well with it. So far, no ill effects. Creator has really blessed him!

Hawk Dancing continues to need prayer. As some of you know, he was evicted from where he was staying. Last word is that he has a "live in job", doing maintenance for a landlord where he is now staying. He has talked about finishing school this year, but to do that will take a lot of drive and determination that he has not had in the past.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Tim Stanley, my son has to have carpel tunnel surgery on both hands next week. He has severe nerve damage.

Bobby Joe Stanley, my stepson in Texas has pneumonia in both lungs. Is home with medications.

Jimmy, my son in law still recovering from surgery to lengthen leg damaged by polio.

Hawk Mother has to go back to have a second mammogram. Doctor is very concerned.

Thank-you for prayers for our family,

Hawk Mother, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhills~


Ellie Williams (Horse Mother) is 98 and in the hospital undrgoing cardiac testing. Also, Debbie Packer (White Lightning) is in UT cardiac unit undergoing testing

Hawk Mother, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhills~


My father has been diagnosed with cancer in the common bile duct. They will not operate due to his age, but want to start him on chemo soon. Please lift him up before Creator for healing. Wado.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


O'siyo Prayer Warriors, I come not for myself but a dear friend and elder, Don Spirit Hawk. He has been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. He is scheduled for surgery on June 30th and when I spoke with him, he is pretty down. For many years he has taught the traditional ways of the Cherokee to anyone wanting to learn. He is also a Veteran Medic, Vietnam. Please lift him up to God/Creator/Great Spirit. Whatever Supreme being you pray to. I ask for his spirit to be comforted and that all goes well with his surgery. S'gi

William Lawson


Our sister, Karen Loan, Nita William's daughter, went into ER last night with chest pain. This morning she had surgery to insert 5 stints in the arteries around her heart. She is in ICU at present. Please send prayers and post on the website for all our people to pray for this sister.

Hawk Mother, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


Please Please keep my children and our family high up in prayers. The father of my precious children and grandfather to our grandchildren has gone home to Creator. Lots of prayers are needed in the coming days and future

Wild Pretty Bird ~Head of the Women's Council~


Two members of the Florida Wolf Clan are having surgery in the next week.

Racoon Dreamer is having kidney surgery Thursday, April 7th

Running Fox is having cataract surgery on Monday, April 11th

Please keep them both in your prayers!

Grey Eagle, Florida Wolf Clan


Mystic Coyote has gone home to Creator. While we can rejoice he is home, please keep Praying Owl and the rest of the family in your prayers. Mystic Coyote will be missed

Grey Eagle, Florida Wolf Clan


Mystic Coyote, Jeff Campbell, of the Florida Wolf Clan is in ICU with breathing problems. Please ask Creator for his healing

Praying Owl, Florida Wolf Clan

a young man whom I've known since he was in middle school was in a car accident this morning. He's in critical condition. Please pray for him, for his family and for my "big brother" Shane Nunley, his father. Help them to make it thru this.a young man whom I've known since he was in middle school was in a car accident this morning. He's in critical condition. Please pray for him, for his family and for my "big brother" Shane Nunley, his father. Help them to make it thru this.

LaNita Hooks


My son Thomas had major surgery to remove his inflamed gallbladder last Thursday. I have been staying with him and he is recovering well. I am grateful for all prayers.

My friend Debbie Packer is home from the hospital and recovering from her shoulder surgery.

Creator is awesome in his care of his people. Wado for all the prayers and thanksgiving to the Creator for touching lives.

Hawk Mother, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


Urgent Emergency prayers requested my son Thomas is in emergency surgery for gall bladder emoval. Just got the call!!
Elizabeth Stanley


I am getting ready to go to St Thomas in Nashville. Sally blacked out earlier today, They check her at at a ER pod and decided because of her past problems with her heart that she needed to be watched for awhile. I think everything will be okay but better safe then sorry. Another bump in our road but you can get us down but we're hard to hold. Love to all...Keep her on your hearts.
C.b. Carter


Found 17 stone's in right kidney, 13 in left and 4 bladderstones each 6 to 10 cm. Will be having procedures done to relieve them. Headed Home now in enormous pain!
Harold Robinette Jr


I want all here to see this, a dear Cherokee sister that has taught me much is in hospital tonight. Her name is Debbie Packer. She had surgery this morning for an old injury shoulder repair. She went home and developed a large hematoma and is back in the hospital going back into surgery in the morning to dislodge it and find the bleed. I have had calls from her brother and husband tonight. Please send prayers for her and for her family tonight.
Elizabeth J. Stanley


Hello to all my brother's and sisters I would like to ask for everyone to please pray for a friend of mine for her mother has brain cancer and is in the hospital and is not taking treatment for it her mother's last name is Ms.Vena I hope I have the spelling right
Brooke Boyd


Prayers for Chief MMT please. He has the crud and is having trouble with his left eye. Hopefully he will see the doctor in the morning, and his eye doctor as well
Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


I would like to ask for prayer for my girlfriend, Andrea Buehler, who just passed less than a month ago and she is of native American descent and my friend Dick Casperson of Native American descent who is ill; but I would also appreciate prayers for my immediate non-native family, my mother and my brother, Lidia and Albert who are very ill.



Family, with a sad heart, I ask for prayers be lifted for one of our Wolf Clan sisters. I just heard that our sister, Horse Mother, has lost one of her daughters. She crossed over today, leaving her 7 month old and 3 year old children and a husband. She was 41 years old. Please remember our sister in your prayers, and her family during this difficult time

Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


If everyone could please put my grandson Acko on prayer list. He has been in St. Jude's for two days now and already had his blood transfusion. His fever will not stay down. As soon as his medicine wear off his fever spikes back up. I'm so worried about my little man !!! Thank you in advance.!!

Karen Loan - Wolf Clan of the Overhill Cherokee


Just found out my best buddy and friend passed on yesterday. He's on the path that will forever bring Him pain free day's. RIP Ray Carter, and prayers to your family. A War Hero, Veteran, Humanitarian, go rest high on that mountain, you have earned your wings.
Crow Hawk, Clan Chief ~Bird Clan of Tennessee~


The creator has blessed me with Remmision.Thank you Family for your prayer's
Denise Ganance


I want to thank every one that helped me at the gathering. I want to thank the women that came to my cabin to check on me and help me. I went to the dr. monday and they said i have sevier athritis in my right hip and may be looking at hip replacement. they are referring me to a surgeon. thank you all it was a great gathering!!.
Mother Moon Spirit, Clan Chief ~Longhair Clan of Tennessee~


Well, its been raining here in Roanoke for the past three days. Please pray for all those in the midst of flood waters. Also please send prayers to my Hopson family. Our cousin Glenn Ray Shell passed away yesterday of an apparent heart attack in Florida.
Elizabeth Stanley


update, Mel Rising Dawn is doing Well, alittle pain I was suppose to take care of her this evening,However, I ended up being admitted to the hospital my heart went into an extra beat tonight and in AFib but they are just watching me.
Woman Bear Spirit, Clan Chief ~Bear Clan of Massachutsets~


Please keep Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro in prayer this morning she is going for carpeltunnel surgery today will post when she is out of surgery WADO
Woman Bear Spirit, Clan Chief ~Bear Clan of Massachutsets~


In desperate need of prayers for one of our Wolf Clan members, Lee Davis. His wife is facing a complicated surgery as soon as possible and they are both in need of our support and prayers. Wado
Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


Just back form the Diabetic doctor with and awesome report!! A1C was down from over 11 to 6.2. Praising God for His favor on me!
Morning Song, Clan Chief ~Bear Clan of Tennessee~


Family, asking for prayers to be lifted for our sister of the Wolf Clan, "Running Deer", also one of our Nation's Medicine Women. She is having some complicated health issues, with pain and discomfort....Wado......
Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


My warrior and I had an accident on Sunday. My car was totaled. 20 yo kid pulled onto the highway in front of me. Rooster has had difficulty breathing, chest xrayed nothing broke. Will follow up with the lung doctor. My left knee bummed up, but will still make the gathering by then. So busy with phone calls, insurances, sales people, car rentals, rest this week. This will pass and I am so grateful that my warrior is feeling better today. Bought him a truck, busy getting the kinks out, and fixing the air on it. All the prayers are working, grateful for my blessings....Hope all is with with you all, looking forward to our grand gathering...Love, Ocie

Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


Nation I am asking for prayers and smoke for Wolf Clan Chief Ocie and Jimmy. They were in a accident and her car was totaled. They are going to be okay. They are both battered and bruise. Jimmy is bruised badly and she is keeping a close watch on him. It was not her fault. A car pulled out from a side road without looking. Again, prayers and smoke are requested.

Gail Wilson


Been a busy week, having black out spells more frequently and falling with no real reason, busted my forehead, have found prostate lump, and a cyst near prostate, seeing urologist and oncologists between now and middle September. Please keep my family and me in your prayers. Love and Blessings to all.
Crow Walk, Clan Chief ~Bird Clan of Tennessee~


Please lift up prayers for our sister, "Sky Spirit" (Melinda Trentham), who is suffering from kidney problems and is expecting her first child in a few months. Melinda has been a photographer at several of our gatherings, you will remember. Please ask for our Creator's loving hands in the care of this Mother and her child.....Wado
Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


Once of our clan chiefs, Crow Hawk, in the Hospital, not knowing what's wrong just hurting like heck. Cardiac situation. Need prayers
Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


Asking for prayers to be lifted for our sister Woman Bear Spirit, Clan Chief of the Bear Clan of MASS. following an emergency appendectomy early this morning (07-14-15).  Her white count still remains high, accompanied with fever.....
Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


Please send up prayers for Maxie Lawson, 92, and the Mother of Stewart Lawson of the wolf Clan of the Overhills. She was taken to the hospital this morning with complications due to diabetes

Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation~


Please pray for Jon Pittman and family. His grandson Zack Pittman was taken off life support today

Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhills~


Requesting prayers to be lifted for Jon Pittman's 11 year old grandson who was hit by a car when getting off the school bus and crossing the road. We understand that he is on life-support with critical injuries. Please pray for this child and his family

Chief Man Many Trees ~Principal Chief Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendants~


It is a sad day for the Native community we lost a Warrior and a friend to all Papamoonbear, Tevay, or Nolan which ever name you knew him by, Crossed over this morning. We do not know the reason why yet all we know is the Creator needed him. He was the medicine man for The Bear Clan of Mass under Me I will miss him terrible as a brother and friend. Please I ask you to keep his mother of his children his youngest being 12 in your prayers as well as his 5 children. And his best friend and girlfriend Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro in your Prayers WaDo

Clan Chief Woman Bear Spirit ~Bear Clan of Tennessee~


Osiyo to all. One of my members who lives in Van, Texas lost her home and almost all of her possessions due to the tornados a few days ago. She had just bought her home and 3 of her grandchildren live with her. Below is a picture of her living room. It is just one of many. The roof was half torn off and what the tornados did not destroy the rain has destroyed by soaking. If anyone would like to help this is the info she gave to me: to help or where to send things or money and for now would be Joan Britz c/o James Blake 301 collier street Grand Saline Texas 75140

Morning Song Clan Chief ~Bear Clan of Tennessee~


Hawk Dancing, after getting caught doing something wrong, has decided to leave home and live on the streets. He has no job, and has not finished school. He is 18, so he can legally make such a decision, but we know that mentally he is still really a child. He goes into public libraries to use Facebook, so we can send him messages there. He has answered those messages so far. This is the only way we have to contact him, since he doesn't have a cell phone or money to pay for one. Please lift him up in your prayers. Wado.

Grey Eagle, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Man Wolf Warrior is chief of the Deer Clan of Tennessee. His aunt has had emergency surgery for brain cancer. Please greatly lift her up in prayer.
Grey Eagle, Acting Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


My brother, Hawk Dancing's uncle died during the night last night. He was ready to go home to Creator, but his wife, children, and grandchildren all need your prayers. Please lift them to Creator. Wado.

Grey Eagle, Acting Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of Florida~


Got a call from gastroenterologist, was scheduled for another round of endoscopy, to recheck Area of Esophageal Cancer removed about 3 weeks ago, was scheduled for next Wednesday, now moved up to tomorrow, 1 week earlier, don't know why the urgent rescheduling but Praying, and hoping, He got it all the first time, please keep my family in your prayers as we deal with this serious health condition. Also have been advised by Him and Primary Care Physician, to start looking at Pancreatic Islet cell implants, to help with blood glucose control, cannot get it controlled on the Diet, Insulin, regiment, it will be high (800 one minute) down (60 in 1 hour) a drop or rise in that time frame is considered lethal, only our Creator's Hand's has control of this, My Trust and Faith are Resting in His Hands.Please Pray For Healing. Wado My Family and Friends.
Crow Hawk, Clan Chief ~Bird Clan of Tennessee~

Please lift up prayers for our brother "Crow Hawk" and his family, as they are facing challenges with his illness. Asking our Creator for healing and strength...
Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhills~

Family, Chief Man Many Trees wanted you to know that the father of Greg Scott (Tall Fox) was in a car accident last night and lost his life. His name is Gary Scott and leaves his wife "Butterfly", son "Tall Fox", daughter-in law, "Spirit Pretty Flower" and her son, "Tall Tree". All of whom are standing members of our Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendants. Please send up smoke and prayers for this family as they grieve the loss of their loved one...... Love & Prayers, Clan Chief Hummingbird Warrior
Hummingbird Warrior, Clan Chief ~Wolf Clan of the Overhills~


Family, Asking for prayers for our sister, Spirit of The Rock, of the Bear Clan of NY...she has just come from surgery for a blood clot on her lung, and is now in ICU....Please keep her in your prayers. This is her only lung now....Smoke & Prayers,
Chief Hummingbird Warrior, Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation


Chief continues to heal after surgery on his eyes. He now has his new glasses which he is adjusting to.
Praying for all our ill ones, some are struggling with the flu and other illnesses
Hummingbird Warrior, Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation


Our Nation's Top Warrior, Black Wolf, is now home recovering from surgery....please remember him in your prayers

Our brother "Crow Hawk" has been admitted to the hospital again for re-occurring chest pains. Please lift prayers for our brother and his family
Hummingbird Warrior, Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation


Asking you to keep my family in your prayers as we deal with my Mom's deteriorating mind set, and Roosters health. Love & Blessings
Hummingbird Warrior, Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation

Hawk Dancing has lost his job through carelessness. He has learned a hard lesson, and is earnestly looking for a new job.
Grey Eagle, Florida Wolf Clan


Man Many Trees gets new glasses this week, says his eyes are almost 20/25. Things appear brighter to him as they continue to heal...Please keep him in your prayers.
Hummingbird Warrior, Wolf Clan of the Overhill Nation

I want to thank every one for the prayers and kind words I love you all and I know my is in pain no more! she is in heaven with all my family that has gone before us. she is walking with my sweet Jesus!!! Love you all and hope you have a great new year! I know my mom will
Mother Moon Spirit, Longhair Clan of Morgan County Tn

Wado to everyone for your prayers and support of Hawk Dancing. He is back home and doing well. Within two days of coming back home, he had a job, and he loves it. He will be starting Adult Education classes on January 20th, so will be working days, and doing night classes. He is excited about all this, and he has been doing very well at home. He is really making an effort to make up for the past. Again, wado to you all.
Grey Eagle, Florida Wolf Clan


Please pray for my son and his wife and three young sons. They had the flu for more than two weeks. It's really bad, so bad that I can't visit them. They have never been so sick like this before, that I know of. I'm worried.
Mary Knuckles


Made it and thanku everyone for ur prayers god has really blessed me this time thanku
Man Wolf Warrior, Tennesee Deer Clan


Thank you for all the prayers and smoke I am still in the hospital they have ordered a stress test for tomorrow. They are trying to clear the pneumonia and then fluids around my heart
Woman Bear Spirit, Massachutsets Bear Clan


Siya,; family I ask for prayers for my grandson he has Brady's he stop breathing today twice ...grandma loves u monkey I am praying every night
Charles Mills, Tennesee Deer Clan


A praise and a prayer today. Hawk Dancing completed the program at military school today. Also today, he learned about his uncle. We heard last night that Mark, Grey Eagle's brother and Hawk Dancing's uncle has stage 4 cancer involving the esophagus, liver, spine, lymph nodes, and a rib. This is not generally survivable. He needs a miracle, and we understand that sometimes the miracle is healing, and sometimes the miracle is the trip to Heaven. Uncle Mark has been Hawk's mentor at the school. It's a lot of high emotion to drop on a young man's shoulders in one day.
Grey Eagle, Florida Wolf Clan