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2013 Overhill Nation Planting of the Corn Gathering

The 2013 Planting of the Corn Gathering was held on April 26-28 at Caney Creek Village. It was a very good gathering.

We knew it was predicted to rain, but we forged ahead. Rain it did. Then it rained some more, and after that it rained. Then the rain continued. But it was never too heavy, there wasn't lightening, tornadoes, hail, etc. In fact, it was mostly gentle rain.

We had to be a little flexible with the ceremonies. We made good use of the barn. What was really interesting was that just as soon as the men's pipe ceremony was done, the rain stopped. After that, the rain held off for quite a while. It was a nice break.

There was a lot of good fellowship even with the wet weather. Here Man Many Trees and Earth Mother chat with some younger members in the barn.

Besides local members, we had members attending from Texas, Florida, Ohio, New England, and Old England. Shown here is Grey Foot (from England).

I know several people took a lot more pictures than I was able to take. If you have pictures you would like to share from this gathering, please email them to Grey Eagle. Contact information is listed here.